Dolour “The Royal We” out 6/19!


Best of 2020 !

I wanted to take an important moment to thank all the music writers, blogs, tastemakers, fellow musicians, radio DJs, and Spotify playlist curators who included The Royal We on their…

“Written & Produced by Shane Tutmarc” Pre-Order Now

Written & Produced by Shane Tutmarc by Shane Tutmarc KOOL KAT MUSIK press release: NEW RELEASE ON THE KOOL KAT MUSIK LABEL – AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 25 – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!!…

The Royal We – First Dolour Album In Over A Decade – Pre-Order Now

The Royal We by Dolour A little back-story: When I abruptly ended Dolour nearly 15 years ago I left hundreds of unfinished songs behind. After my grandfather passed in December…

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