A Brave New World

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated the website. But with all this great attention around “A Brave New World” I wanted to share some links to help y’all find what you’re looking for.

Last month, at the very start of social distancing and quarantine, my long-time friend and frequent collaborator Eric Johnson of Seattle’s KOMO News reached out to me wondering if I may be able to write a song for these new times we were living in. He wanted music to combine with footage his KOMO team were shooting around the empty streets of Seattle. Always up for a new musical challenge – I went to work. Within a week I had the song written, produced and mastered and Eric debuted the song and video on KOMO News on April 1st. Since then they’ve aired the video 3 more times! The video has been shared through social media and YouTube – garnering over 300,000 views!

And to top it off, KEXP has now made it their Song of the Day and included it on their Weekly Mix podcasts, and Spotify playlists. NPR is even offering a free download of it, in conjunction with KEXP. Very exciting to see this song reach people and maybe offer some hope through these dark times.

Here’s your one-stop-shop to find my music and to follow my journey.


BandCamp is where you can directly support me. There is the full version of the song, which is available everywhere – Spotify, AppleMusic, etc… but there’s also the “Single Edit” which is the shorter version used on KOMO, and there is the “Instrumental Mix” as well, if you wanna sing-a-long or just enjoy the backing track without vocals.

I also encourage everyone to follow me on social media:




Thank you! xo Shane