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release date
12 Jun 2007

I’m Gonna Live The Life I Sing About In My Song

All Songs by Shane Tutmarc (BMI)
Except (6, 10, 12) Traditional and (1) Written by Don Gibson, Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music (BMI)
(4) “Eric Burdon” (which we rechristened “Pressure Pressure”) Written by Thomas Antonious Bernard Betty Suga Pump Music (ASCAP)
(8) Written by Buddy Mize, Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music (BMI)
(11) Written by Thomas A. Dorsey, Warner-Tamerlane (BMI)

Produced and Arranged by
Shane Tutmarc & The Traveling Mercies

Recorded to 2″ Tape and Engineered by
Ben Kersten @ MRX Studios

Mixed, Mastered and additional Engineering by
Jason Holstrom @ The Cabana

Field Recording by
Jason Holstrom

The Traveling Mercies
Shane Tutmarc: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Percussion
Ryan Tutmarc: Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Brandon Tutmarc: Drums, Vocals, Percussion

Honorary Mercies
Eric Howk: Lead Guitar on (5)
Greg Tutmarc: Dobro on (5)
Noah Weaver: Background Vocals on (5)
Grandma Opal Tutmarc: Background Vocals on (12)

Design and Layout by
Brandon Tutmarc and Shane Tutmarc