Bringing Y’all Up To Speed

Hey there – I hope you are exploring this great new website that my brother Brandon Tutmarc has designed. You can now stream every release, and get up-to-the-minute show information, as well as dig through old press clippings and photos. There are updated featured videos, and I will be doing my best to keep you all abreast with current and upcoming information.

When I first moved out to Nashville, a little over a year ago now, I journaled the journey with my blog Through These Eyes. You can see my old posts there, but I will now be doing all my story telling right here at

In December, through, we “released” a new 5-song EP titled, So Hard to Make An Easy Getaway. Head over to that site to see a video of me explaining how the site works, and sign up for a free account, which gives you access to our new EP for absolutely no charge.

I just returned from a 2 1/2 week trip to the Great Northwest. It was refreshing to catching up with friends and family out there. I had my brother, Brandon, back on the drums (like the Traveling Mercies days) and Rian Lewis on bass. Rian is a longtime friend from Portland, who keeps himself busy producing and performing with a variety of artists in his hometown. The first show was magic. I was invited to participate in a tribute to the late great Townes Van Zandt at the Tractor Tavern on March 7th. The original concept was a bunch of solo artists taking turns performing their favorite Townes songs, but after we all got together, it ended up being a very collaborative show. I ended up playing bass and singing harmonies during Kevin Large’s set, while Sera Cahoone played drums. During my set, I had Justin Davis on lead guitar, Star Anna on tambourine, and Scott Farley (host of Bellevue College’s KBCS radio show, The Outskirts) on bass! To help promote the Townes tribute, Star Anna, Justin Davis, and I were on Marty Reimer’s podcast (which was also broadcast through Seattle’s The Mountain radio station). And later that day, I joined Star and Justin on KBCS‘s The Outskirts.

On Friday, March 11th, I was able to reconnect with former KEXP DJ, Larry Metro on Hollow Earth Radio, which was a fun, very relaxed show. Next up, on March 16th along with my brother and Rian Lewis, we played Portland’s Bing Lounge for a KINK fm radio broadcast. The whole show was also filmed, and the current “featured video” in the bottom right corner of this page is the interview portion of the show. You can find the rest of the performance on KINK’s YouTube page. That night we performed at Mississippi Studios, probably my favorite Portland venue.

And finally, on March 16th, I was back at the Tractor Tavern, but this time with the full band. Playing the Tractor is always a good time, and it was a great opportunity to get a bunch of friends and family out.

Now I am back in Nashville, TN and looking forward to a busy week of shows. We’re playing the Mercy Lounge for the first time on Monday as part of their weekly “8 Off 8th” showcase, on Wednesday the 30th, we get the opportunity to open for the great Dex Romweber Duo, and on Saturday we are performing at the annual Pancakes & Booze Art Show! We already have some dates lined up through May, and we are looking to be doing more regional touring this Spring and Summer.

Keep your eyes here for more updates. Now that I’ve caught you up a bit, I can write something more bite sized next time.