I Idolize You

Hello! Hope you are all enjoying the new website. My brother, Brandon (brandontutmarc.com) outdid himself this time. You can listen to all my releases at the music/store and you even sneak peak my new album-in-the-works here on the main page. I have one more half day in the studio then we master the album on February 26th. Just tonight me and my girl, Ms. Mays, shot a video of my favorite Ike (RIP) and Tina song, I Idolize You. And the video introduces “Copper” to the world. I will try to get more home-made video clips up here for your enjoyment. Let us know what you think of the website, and add my new artist profile as your friend on Myspace – http://myspace.com/shanetutmarc.

XO Shane