Latest premieres and Seattle show…

With “So Hard to Make an Easy Getaway” released last week, we are now closing in on the final quarter of the singles series.  Here’s a great review from which premiered “Easy Getaway:”

“The best thing about good power-pop is the immediacy of its rewards. When a musician totally nails a power-pop tune, it connects instantly, which is exactly what happens on Shane Tutmarc‘s wonderfully humorous new single “So Hard to Make an Easy Getaway”, which brilliantly echoes classic Nick Lowe in both lyrical wit and infectious melody.”

And just today American Standard Time premiered the latest video, “Til Daddy Gets Paid,” featuring a quick run-down review of the previous singles as well.

“Tutmarc delivers a perfectly pop country two-stepper about them dog days just prior to payday when we all suffer “microwave dinners, no-name whiskey, and sneakin’ into movies.” Shane’s string of quality singles accentuate his songwriting chops, and–as if he wasn’t already doing enough–his videos show off another dimension of his creativity.”

I’m looking forward to returning to my hometown of Seattle in a couple weeks to play at Conor Byrne Pub on Thursday, September 24th.  It’s gonna be a special night, as it’s the eve of my birthday.  But what makes it even more special to me, is sharing the stage with my old Dolour cohort Eric Howk handling the lead guitar with me.  If you’re in town, be sure to catch this great night of music.  I got my good friend, Billy Joe Huels (Dusty 45s) opening the night with his new trio, as well as The Demon Rind.  Not to be missed!