New Single ‘Moves Like Miyagi’ Out Now!

The story of Moves Like Miyagi starts with my wife’s newfound love for gardening. She had recently mulched a few of her flower pots surrounding the patio where I spent my mornings sipping coffee and soaking in the morning sunshine. The fresh mulch started attracting flies all over the patio. It got so bad after a couple days, that I started bringing a fly swatter with me whenever I’d hang on the patio. Flies aren’t easy to sneak up on, so I was always impressed with myself when I could get one on my first try. It made me think of that classic scene in The Karate Kid where Mr. Miyagi is teaching Daniel to catch flies with chopsticks. So I started singing a little song to myself… “swatting flies on the first try, I got moves like Miyagi.” As more lines and melodies developed, my songwriter brain kicked in, I started wondering if the song could be more than just a reference to The Karate Kid and me swatting flies. I started thinking about what Mr. Miyagi represented – disciple, wisdom, survival, etc – all things I’m looking for more and more in my life. I’ve worked through so many dark periods in my life and somehow I’ve found a way to survive. It’s about finding that inner calmness when the storm around you is raging. The bridge really sums it up with “I breathe in and I breathe out, when everything around me is falling down, there’s nothing in the world I need to prove, survival is my only move.” So in the end I had a song that allowed me to dig in to my journey towards “the art of living” and how to survive. I don’t think that my story is all that unique though, after the last couple years that we’ve been through, I think we’re all looking for ways to strengthen our mental health and self-care etc – so wherever you are at in your journey – I hope the song can meet you there. xo Shane