New songs from Friday’s Basement Gig

Check out these new songs we debuted at last Friday’s gig at The Basement. Featuring Ethan Luck on lead guitar, Travis Terrell on keys, Paul Thacker on baritone sax, Jeremy Branon on bass, Steve Latanation on drums, and Ashley Anderson singing with me.

From a Basement on the Hill

I haven’t played a full set of original music in Nashville since the August 17th show at The End. Between tribute shows and side-projects, trips to the NW, and home-recording, it’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve played a local show. And what a show this will be! First of all, instead of the 3-piece line-up I had been using so frequently, I have a 7-piece for this show. Steve Latanation (Agent Orange, Derek Hoke) on drums, Jeremy Branon (Randy Montana) on bass, Ethan Luck (Relient K) on lead guitar, Travis Terrell (he’s played with Willie Nelson and George Strait at least once!) on keys, Paul Thacker (Jacob Jones) on baritone sax, and Ashley Anderson (Magnolia Sons) is doing back-up vocals and harmonies.

Something else that is unique about this show is the setlist. It’s almost entirely brand new songs. I’m planning to get started on a new record in the first half of 2012, and this is the first time I’ll be trying out some of the new tunes. Hopefully we’ll get some video footage of the set. Come on out, Nashville, to the Basement tonight!

Turkey Day, Bellingham, The Clash, Tom Petty, the Traveling Mercies, and Anthony Bourdain

Hey friends – I’d love for this website to feel more up-to-the-minute about important news, but sometimes I’m too in the thick of it to be able to comment. So since getting back to Nashville in early September here’s what’s been going on. On October 20th, I was part of a great all-star tribute to Tom Petty featuring Heath Haynes & the Hi-Dollars backing up a long list of great singers including Sammy Barrett and Josh Hedley. Oct 29th marked the debut of the Clash cover band, White Riot, in which I play and sing Mick Jones’ parts. Here’s a clip from that fun night at the Mercy Lounge: Complete Control (Cover) – by White Riot.

On Nov 11th (11.11.11!) I performed alongside a number of American Idol contestants as well as a solid group of Nashville singer-songwriters at the Listening Room for a fund-raiser/silent auction that benefited Second Harvest Food Bank. The concert raised $3,458, which means 13,636 meals for hungry folks in middle TN. Throughout all this, I’ve continued working on the documentary soundtrack for Touch The Wall, which should be all wrapped up this week. And the final highlight to share with you is an exciting one. Last month we had “So Hard to Make an Easy Getaway” featured in a Lifetime TV movie, and now next Monday (Nov 28th) “Lost Myself Again” will be featured on the premiere of Anthony Bourdain’s new show, The Layover 9pm EST on the Travel Channel. Here’s more about the show:

And now that we are caught up, let me tell you where I am now. Back in Seattle. My sister flew me out here as a surprise to my folks (they were surpised!). And while I’m here, I’ve put the original Traveling Mercies back together. My cousin Ryan Tutmarc on bass, and my brother Brandon Tutmarc on drums. We’re playing The Shakedown in Bellingham with one of my all-time favorite local bands the Dusty 45s, who have spent much of the year backing up Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Wanda Jackson on the road. Here’s some more INFO and here’s my Facebook EVENT for it.

I’ll check back in with y’all after the show. Hope you all have a cozy Thanksgiving holiday with family and/or friends.

‘So Hard to Make An Easy Getaway’ featured in Lifetime Original Movie!

Exciting news, as our song “So Hard To Make An Easy Getaway” gets a prominent placement in Lifetime Original Movie, Girl Fight which premiers Monday, October 3rd at 9pm/8c. The film stars Anne Heche and James Tupper. More information and further show times are available here:

Those of you who downloaded our limited edition EP earlier this year will be familiar with the song “Easy Getaway”, but the version featured in the movie is a fresh mix and master by Nathan Thomas. This new version will be hitting iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more this week. If you want to be the first to check it out, in the top right hand corner of our website you can stream it and download it!

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Our NW Summer Tour (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Tomorrow I’m hopping on an airplane, escaping this Nashville heat, to the cooler, 70 degree (with no humidity) Seattle summer. I’ve been very lucky getting some great shows lined-up for this trip. Starting with KEXP’s Concert at the Mural: No Depression Night on Friday, August 26th. Then on Monday, August 29th I’m playing a two-hour solo set at Brave Horse Tavern, which is a new spot since I moved away but they’ve been putting on some great shows, and from the photos I’ve seen it looks right up my alley. I’m looking forward to getting back to Portland as well, with a show on Thursday, September 1st at Doug Fir Lounge. And finally on Thursday, September 8th I’m taking part in a all-star tribute to Patsy Cline featuring NW favorites such as Mark Pickerel, Star Anna, Kim Virant, Jeff Fielder and many more. I’ll mostly be filling the role of a support player, but I may also duet on a song or two. I’m also looking forward to the venue for this show, as it’s in the old Neptune Theatre, which has switched from a movie theater to a venue since I used to live there. Glad the building is still standing and being put to such great use. I would hate to see a beautiful old structures like that get torn down.

Here’s all the facebook event pages, so you can keep track:

8.26 KEXP’s Concerts at the Mural: No Depression Night
8.29 Brave Horse Tavern two-hour solo set
9.1 Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR)
9.8 Sweet Dreams: The Music of Patsy Cline

American Icons of Music Portrait Series

When I was younger, before music engulfed my soul in my early teens, drawing and painting was my first passion. Over the years, I’ve contributed to album artwork and design concepts, but only rarely devoted time to painting a picture. Shortly after moving to Nashville last year, possibly because I had a new place with 4 empty walls staring at me, I decided to pick it up again. I started with painting some of my music heroes… then a few of my friends started requesting paintings, so I’ve built up quite a repertoire now.

But I am proud to share with you that for the first time I have my art hung, and with a price tag ($30 each). Starting now thru mid-September you can see my art at The Groove record store in East Nashville. If you are interested in commissioning a painting from me, email me at:

All the News That’s Fit to Print

Greeting friends near and far,

I may be coming closer to you soon! In August we have dates around Nashville as well as Bowling Green, KY – then I’m flying back to Seattle for a string of shows around the NW. I was beginning to feel a pang of homesickness when I got the surprise offer from KEXP to fly back to Seattle for the final night of their Concerts at the Mural, which is “No Depression Night.” I’m very honored to be involved – along with a full bill of Northwest talent including Pickwick, Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives, Ravenna Woods – especially since I don’t even live in Seattle anymore. I love you, KEXP and No Depression!

While I’m out in the NW, I’m gonna try to play as much as I can – so keep an eye on the calendar for more dates around the NW popping up.

Yesterday I got a Spotify account. I’ve had fun exploring the program and making play-lists. I was happy to see that they have both Mercies albums, and most of the Dolour albums on there! You can help spread our music around with your play-lists!

And speaking of Dolour, we’re in the process of getting the whole catalog up on YouTube. Currently we have the first two albums, in addition to a smattering of other live and studio footage from over the years. Check it out:

T-Shirts Back in Stock!

As you can see from the new addition to our sidebar – t-shirts are back in stock! Dolour shirts featuring a design from “The Years in the Wilderness” as well as Shane Tutmarc & The Traveling Mercies “Hey Lazarus!” shirts. The Mercies shirts come in black or white, while the Dolour ones are in red or creme. Pick one up today!

In band news, this weekend we are doing a couple private benefit concerts. We are doing long sets with lots of vintage country, rock and roll and r&b sprinkled in between originals. I got a great band featuring my old friend Joey Sanchez on drums (he played on Dolour’s Suburbiac and New Old Friends), Josiah Holland on keys, accordian and additional guitar, and Jeremy Branon on bass. Hopefully we’ll get some good video footage to share with you. Meanwhile, look at the shows page to keep up-to-date with our concert calendar. Adios.


We are looking forward to returning to Bowling Green, KY’s venue Tidball’s tomorrow night. We had such a great time when we were last a couple months ago. Even when the PA died on us halfway thru our set, we kept on rocking (see: video).

With my usual drummer, Aaron Tosti, on the road (guitar tech-ing) with Switchfoot, I have frequent collaborator Ethan Luck on drums. Ethan holds the unique honor of playing the most instruments with me. Over the course of this last year and half I’ve lived in Nashville, Ethan has contributed electric guitar, baritone guitar (the solo on “What is This Love?”), lap steel, bass guitar, and drums to both live shows and recordings. If he’s available and I’m needing an extra element to the show, Ethan can more than likely cover it. Plus he brings an energy and excitement that is contagious and always makes the shows fun.

On bass I have my right-hand guy, Nathan Thomas. He produced the new EP, and we’ve already begun tracking some newer stuff. Not sure where that is headed, but I will keep you posted. If you live near the Bowling Green area, we hope to see you tomorrow, or if you got friends out that way – let them know!