Shouting at a Silent Sky – This Thursday!

Ladies and Gentlemen – There is a lot going on over here at Shane Tutmarc HQ.  Not only does Shouting At A Silent Sky hit iTunes on Thursday, but we also have a KEXP in-studio and Noise For the Needy Festival show at the Sunset that night.  

To make these shows extra special, we’ve expanded the line-up to an 8-piece band!  With the Chromettes (Mia Katherine Boyle, Alicia Dara, and Fiia McGann) singing back-up, Johnny Sangster on lead guitar, and Ty Bailie behind the keys we can perfectly capture these multi-layered album productions.  

Also, “Never Turnin’ Back” is the featured song right now at Sound on the Sound, and starting tomorrow they will be posted the first part of a multi-part interview that digs deep into the album and my musical journey.  There will be much more to talk about as this week progresses.  

More soon,


First ‘Shouting at a Silent Sky’ Review!

Don Yates, music director at KEXP raves:
“The Seattle singer-songwriter’s latest album (and the first recorded under just his own name) is not only his most musically well-rounded record, it’s also his best. Accompanied by Seattle mainstays Johnny Sangster (who also produced the album) and brother Jim Sangster along with Mark Pickerel and Ty Bailie, Tutmarc combines elements of garage-rock, folk, blues, country, gospel and pop into emotionally searing songs of spiritual disquiet and personal heartache.”

Birth of a New Era

Thanks to all of our friends and vast extended family that came out last night to the Comet Tavern to witness a new era being born. It was the first show I’d played in 7 months, and I kept my eyes closed for most of it. Trying to focus on the music, present it honestly, but everytime I opened my eyes I was surrounded by smiling faces and lovely people giving back all the energy I was putting out. Thank you. And a big thanks goes to my new band – Brendan Bosworth (who was part of the last line-up of Dolour back in the day) on bass, Ryan Richter (who played steel on Hey Lazarus!) on lap steel, and Brian Bosworth (Brendan’s brother and amazing graphic artist) on the trap kit.

We have some great stuff line-up including 2 performances on June 11th. At noon you can catch us live on KEXP with Cheryl Waters, and that evening you can see us at the Sunset in Ballard as part of the Noise for the Needy Festival.

Shouting at a Silent Sky
And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for – album artwork! My brother Brandon Tutmarc designed the perfect film-noir meets Blue Note album cover to match this sprawling American tale, Shouting At A Silent Sky. While I can’t give you an exact street date for the album yet, the goal is to have it available in some fashion by the KEXP and Sunset performances. We shall keep you posted.

Good Night and Good Luck,

Spring Cleaning

Doing some spring cleaning here at As we prepare the new album for release, we are offering you any two albums for only $15. Plus we now have the album prices even more affordable.

Go get ’em!

The album is finished!

After the initial two-day session at Chroma with the studio band, producer Johnny Sangster and I spent about 5 days on over-dubs, did a field recording at my grandma’s house, mixed the album at Electrokitty and now have mastered the album at RFI with Ed Brooks. Ed, incidentally, was the man who mastered my first album, Waiting for a World War, almost 9 years ago!

I’ve just uploaded the new masters of the songs (which include an updated version of Red Winter Coat, featuring Jamie Blood on some of the most eerie back-ups I’ve ever heard)…Enjoy! Also, see below for a new video my girlfriend and I shot in her condo. BTW – the condo will be for sale soon – wanna buy a condo in West Seattle? The “video props” are staying with us, though 🙂


I Idolize You

Hello! Hope you are all enjoying the new website. My brother, Brandon ( outdid himself this time. You can listen to all my releases at the music/store and you even sneak peak my new album-in-the-works here on the main page. I have one more half day in the studio then we master the album on February 26th. Just tonight me and my girl, Ms. Mays, shot a video of my favorite Ike (RIP) and Tina song, I Idolize You. And the video introduces “Copper” to the world. I will try to get more home-made video clips up here for your enjoyment. Let us know what you think of the website, and add my new artist profile as your friend on Myspace –

XO Shane

New Website!

Welcome to the brand-new website! We’ve streamlined and the old into one easy to use website.

To your right you’ll see that you can stream the brand new unreleased album from Shane Tutmarc.

Also, you can now stream the entire catalog including all of the Dolour albums and both Traveling Mercies albums.

Happy Holidays!

My Favorite Albums of 2008

Sound on the Sound has posted my top 5 albums of the year with reviews I wrote for each album. It was a tough list to make, it’s hard to pick favorites, but maybe it’ll turn you on to something new 🙂

read it HERE:

XO Shane

p.s. I’ve been snowed in these last couple days, but mark my words, I WILL leave the house today no matter what!

New Album Mixed!

Over the weekend we recorded 10 new songs (including a cover of Pickerel’s “Let Me Down Easy”). Mark, Ty, Jim and Johnny all exceeded my expectations, and I’m really looking forward to finishing this record up and getting it out. There are still 2 or 3 more solo songs that need to be recorded for the album, and then a few odd overdubs here and there.. but it’s already sounding very listenable.

I’ll keep you guys up-to-date throughout the process…

XO Shane