T-Shirts Back in Stock!

As you can see from the new addition to our sidebar – t-shirts are back in stock! Dolour shirts featuring a design from “The Years in the Wilderness” as well as Shane Tutmarc & The Traveling Mercies “Hey Lazarus!” shirts. The Mercies shirts come in black or white, while the Dolour ones are in red or creme. Pick one up today!

In band news, this weekend we are doing a couple private benefit concerts. We are doing long sets with lots of vintage country, rock and roll and r&b sprinkled in between originals. I got a great band featuring my old friend Joey Sanchez on drums (he played on Dolour’s Suburbiac and New Old Friends), Josiah Holland on keys, accordian and additional guitar, and Jeremy Branon on bass. Hopefully we’ll get some good video footage to share with you. Meanwhile, look at the shows page to keep up-to-date with our concert calendar. Adios.