The Royal We – First Dolour Album In Over A Decade – Pre-Order Now

A little back-story:

When I abruptly ended Dolour nearly 15 years ago I left hundreds of unfinished songs behind. After my grandfather passed in December of 2006 I had a complete change of heart and followed my muse down a different path for the next decade. Making my Solar Twin album a couple years ago brought me to a new place, and opened me up to looking at some of the unfinished songs. Digging through the piles of old demos, these 10 in particular really jumped out at me as having so much life in them. I played every instrument on the album, and it really brought me back to when I was making Suburbiac and New Old Friends all those years ago, while also utilizing everything I’ve learned about record-making over the last 15 years. It’s been a unique journey of discovery, combining my past with my future for the first time. It’s not merely a nostalgic trip, it’s a chance to let these songs live NOW after they’d refused to die all these years. The album drops on June 19th, but you can pre-order it and get the instant gratification track, I Can Quit At Any Time right now. There are limited CD and Cassette packages available, as well as high-quality digital files. Hope you enjoy the album as much as I did making it. xo Shane