I hope by this point y’all have realized the best way to keep up with me is through social media and my Bandcamp page. This last year and a half has been so crazy. Being stuck at home with lockdowns etc has just meant I have no excuse not to be creating. So I haven’t stopped since starting The Royal We in late 2019. Since my last post here: Televangelist was released April 2nd. It’s had an even bigger response than The Royal We, and it has been so cool to see this little homespun one-man-band album make ripples around the globe. A personal highlight of this era has to be that the great Aimee Mann tweeted that Televangelist’s penultimate track I’m Not Mad Anymore was her “New Favorite Song.” Unbelievable.

And now there is a third album of this Dolour revival era. Origin Story. Comprised of 15 reimagined versions of original era Dolour songs. I started working on it just after I finished Televangelist in January, and we are not halfway through the pre-order process. Be sure to peep the vinyl and CD combo options! That’s all for now, but there is some big news coming soon and I will be popping on here to give ya all the deets. Until then continue tuning into the social media and Bandcamp page. xo