We are looking forward to returning to Bowling Green, KY’s venue Tidball’s tomorrow night. We had such a great time when we were last a couple months ago. Even when the PA died on us halfway thru our set, we kept on rocking (see: video).

With my usual drummer, Aaron Tosti, on the road (guitar tech-ing) with Switchfoot, I have frequent collaborator Ethan Luck on drums. Ethan holds the unique honor of playing the most instruments with me. Over the course of this last year and half I’ve lived in Nashville, Ethan has contributed electric guitar, baritone guitar (the solo on “What is This Love?”), lap steel, bass guitar, and drums to both live shows and recordings. If he’s available and I’m needing an extra element to the show, Ethan can more than likely cover it. Plus he brings an energy and excitement that is contagious and always makes the shows fun.

On bass I have my right-hand guy, Nathan Thomas. He produced the new EP, and we’ve already begun tracking some newer stuff. Not sure where that is headed, but I will keep you posted. If you live near the Bowling Green area, we hope to see you tomorrow, or if you got friends out that way – let them know!