Twenty-Sixteen in Review

After last year’s break-neck schedule of putting out a single-a-month, I didn’t expect to get even more music out this year.  2016 started out with pouring my energy into a new project, Solar Twin.  In September, the first single from the project was released with Slow Motion coming out on my birthday.  I’m getting a couple more songs mixed for release very soon.  I hope to be recording a full-length Solar Twin album in the first half of 2017.

2016 also marked the 15th anniversary of Dolour’s first album, Waiting for a World War.  Dolour’s debut hadn’t been available for download or stream for over a decade, and New Old Friends (Dolour’s third album) has been off digital formats for a number of years, so I took the anniversary year as a chance to get Dolour’s full catalog back online.  This is just the beginning of an Dolour archives project I plan to continue next year, which will see more rarities and radio performances released.

There was also an album that had never been given a proper release which has finally seen the light of day this week.  Borrowed Trouble was recorded over the course of 2012-2013, but ended up being shelved for various reasons.  It’s one of the albums I’m most proud of, and it makes a perfect companion to Shouting at a Silent Sky.  With Dolour’s catalog, and my solo catalog now all available for the first time – I’m more ready than ever to explore the future with Solar Twin and see where this goes.

Aside from my own music, the last few months I’ve been touring the country playing bass with The Grahams.  I’ll be hitting the road with them again for the first couple weeks of December, and there’s a UK tour happening in late Feb/early March.  I wish you all happy holidays, and keep up with me here and on my socials for more news soon!  xo Shane