UPdates & DOWNtime

With the big Neumos/Cave Singers show and the Tractor/solo Dolour
show behind me I’m excited to have some free time to work on new
songs. As ever, each new song is taking me to new places.

recording Shouting at a Silent Sky I didn’t write hardly anything. I
wanted to stay in the “Silent Sky” mood as long as I could to see
those songs through to the end. When I finished the album in
February, I opened the floodgates for songs to start pouring – but it
was more like a trickle. I’d write a little something here, a little
something there – waiting for that cornerstone song to show me where
where the music wanted to go. Finally by summer something was
developing, and now I am well on my way to finding that next sound.
Without counting my chickens before they hatch, I just wanted to let
you know that during this (probably brief) downtime I am cooking up
some new jams for y’all. Also, I am constantly looking for new ways
to connect with the fans, be it Facebook, iLike, Twitter,
ReverbNation. We also hope to play some more out of town shows before
the year is out.

Keep checking here for developments on all of the

AND – have a spooky Halloween,

XO Shane