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Growing up in Seattle in the 90s Dolour’s Shane Tutmarc is no stranger to big guitars and big hooks, but his songwriting has always shown a deep love for classic pop sensibilities, and more often than not will trade power chords for ornate, melodic dreamscapes. Dolour released their debut Waiting for a World War in 2001, when Tutmarc was 19. Generating a local buzz that grew to national and international acclaim for 2002’s Suburbiac and 2004’s New Old Friends. By the age of 23 Dolour already had a Best Of released in Japan, A Matter of Time 2000-2005. Tutmarc set Dolour aside in 2007 with the sprawling double album The Years In The Wilderness as he pursued projects ranging from American roots (Shane Tutmarc & The Traveling Mercies) to electronic psych rock (Solar Twin). In late 2019 Tutmarc began work on the first Dolour album in over a decade. Recorded at home, performing every instrument himself, June 2020’s The Royal We put Dolour back on the radar of indie fans around the globe. The response inspired Tutmarc to continue his one-man-band approach with April 2021’s Televangelist which became Tutmarc’s biggest album to date. Next, Tutmarc turned to a passion project, re-recording 15 songs from Dolour’s original period on September 2021’s Origin Story.